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The Emotion Mall is located in Mantua, just a couple of hundred meters from the city center. Mantua is well known for being Virgil hometown, as well as Matilde di Canossa and the car racer legend, the pilot Tazio Nuvolari. This center takes its inspiration from the driver Nuvilari and it represents the spirit of the challenge, the innovation respecting the traditions, a mixture of past, present and future, adventure and culture…a symbol which reflects all these qualities in the spirit of this project. The Emotion Mall Mantova will give to the heart of the center a new impulse considering the high level of the fashion brands present in the centre and the high level of restaurants and services. A significant difference between the Emotion Mall Mantova and the typical Commercial/Outlet centers is the location: usually in fact centres are placed outside the cities centers, close to the roadway exits or anyway reachable by car. This one is about ten minutes by foot from the city heart and at the same time can be easily reached by bike or by car. It is provided with a private covered car parking with a total number of over 2000 car places. The architecture of the centre is innovative as well; glass and steel well integrated in the urban context with a particular attention for alternative energy.


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